Rain Gardens are predesigned flat bottomed pools that are generally fairly shallow. Some have engineered piping underneath to move water to larger stormwater basins and some rely on the natural porosity of the underlying soil to allow the water to percolate away. 

All are designed to receive an identifiable amount of water and drain down within a finite period. This period changes in different areas, but is generally 48 to 72 hours.

The main benefits of rain gardens include water filtration and water quality improvement, but there are additional and they include:

  • Habitat Creation
  • Pollinator and Larval Species Support
  • Maintenance Reduction
  • Beautification

Rain Garden Materials are offered in these forms:

  • Seed Mixes- See Seed Specifications Below
  • Plants- Click Here to View Current Plant List
  • Live Stakes- Lead Time is Required With Product; Please Call the Office at 866-569-3380 for Current Times and Pricing

Seed Specifications for Rain Garden Mixes:

080312-1A Wetland Native Filter Mix

LSMM01 Low Sedge Meadow Mix

LSMG02 Low Sedge Meadow Grass II

RG03 Rain Garden Mix III