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Stormwater Wetlands

Stormwater wetlands are engineered systems that require wetland species in order to function properly. They differ from basins and swales in size, complexity and function.

The main function of Stormwater Wetlands is to improve water quality. Additional benefits include:

  • Habitat Creation
  • Pollinator and Larval Species
  • Maintanance Reduction
  • Beautification

Stormwater Wetland Materials are offered in these forms:

  • Seed Mixes- See Seed Specifications Below
  • Plants- Click Here to View Current Plant List
  • Live Stakes- Lead Time is Required With Product; Please Call the Office at 866-569-3380 for Current Times and Pricing

Seed Specifications for Stormwater Weland Mixes:

091514-3 Wet Area Grass Mix

WSM02 Wetland Seed Mix II