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January 17, 2018
By: Barb Holtz
Sometimes we forget to stop and notice. Notice light. Notice colors. Notice changes. Notice nature. A friend shared that he is oftern asked why he hikes the same trail over and over. Seen it once, why see it again? Soooo many reasons. My friend notices. He perceives nuance in nature and is richer for it.
During my career's work, I offered an experience to willing souls who would lend...
January 10, 2018
By: Barb Holtz
Braved the after-holiday sales? Move over Merry Christmas mayhem because retail never rests. I innocently entered a major discount chain the other day and (gasp in horror) was greeted by bikinis. My overstuffed frame covered in pale, dry winter skin recoiled in dismay. Swimsuits in the dead of winter with holiday cookies still in the tin is simply cruel. Of course, the workout wear...
December 29, 2017
By: Bob Kehres - Founder
Hi everyone and Happy New Year to you all.
It has been a busy and productive year here at Ohio Prairie Nursery and we want to thank each and every one of you for your support of our mission and the re-introduction of native plants onto the ground.
In 2017, we helped people all over the state and regionally get started with their plantings for various purposes including...
December 20, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Show of Hands...Who enjoys the radio stations' blessing of non-stop Christmas carols starting in November? Or does it start after Halloween? I LOVE Christmas carols, but at Christmas. I LOVE Christmas caroling but generally cringe when Twelve Days of Christmas is suggested. (That said, I'm pretty proud that I know the words by heart.)
One day while driving and singing along to holiday...
December 13, 2017
Awesome, informative, thought provoking. Three adjectives to describe the works of Barb Holtz, blogger extraordinaire. (She's pretty cool too!) If you've been following along with her all year, we thank you! If you haven't or even if you want to read them again, today we bring you a round up of her best of 2017. Enjoy and we can't wait to see what she's brings in 2018! Prairie On!
To Pull or Not to...
December 1, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
I love fall. I don't like fall. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. Fall is one of the most frustrating times of the year. Fall is a conundrum. I do love the romance of it all - virbrant colors, the crunching underfoot, the smell of earth, the fun of leaf pile play. Frustration spins my head around on my neck when the romance is dulled by leaf blowers, the quest for spotless...
November 21, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Choice - exciting if your nose is pressed against the glass at an ice cream shop, not so great if your preschooler insists on choosing his or her wardrobe for the day. What if you're choosing which native seed packet to sow this fall? Now that's downright fun!
All of our packets produce beautiful floral and grassy spreads, but which is the best? That depends. What's your goal? Where...
November 15, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
While many of us have stored away garden tools for the season, I say, "You're not done yet." Late fall/early winter is the best time to sow many native seeds, particularly milkweed. Milkweed seeds require just what winter has to offer. So, prep that bed and ready, set, sow!
Think for a minute about nature's cycles. Autumn boasts of bounty. Seeds mature and fall throughout September,...
November 8, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Seed money. Seeds of love. A seedy character. Seedless rye bread. Seeding a garden. The word 'seed' isn't just for plants. It describes business launch funding, a call to compassion, distrust, food choice and of course, plant beginnings. Seeds evoke promise for the most part. At Ohio Prairie Nursery, seeds cradle the promise of a prairie. It's not an easy job but they're just the ones...
October 27, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Welcome back to Plant Terms with Barb! That does not have an enticing ring but this last final segment is absolutely worth your read. I dare say the most important post of What's That Mean (or Plant Terms with Barb) blog.
Cue non-native, invasive to the stage. Picture Purple Loosestrife, Queen Anne's Lace, Lesser Celandine, English Ivy, Day Lillies, Vinca. Lovely, utilitarian, readily...
October 23, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
I went to grad school in North Carolina. I distinctly remember a conversation regarding toboggans. It was winter and had actually snowed. A friend spoke of donning his toboggan and I thought, " How does one put a large, wooden sled on his head? Do they careen down snow-laden slopes differently here than us Yankees?" Who knew a toboggan was a ski hat! Vocabulary matters.
I previously...
October 11, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Virtually every educational presentation I do includes a vocabulary slide. Even the seasoned natural landscaper needs reminding of terms now and again even if it is to learn how to share said terms with others. After all, native plant people are the best advocates for native habitats and yards.
Throughout websites, pamphlets, garden catalogs, displays and educational talks we read...
October 3, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
How many of you recall the song, Silver and Gold, sung by the Burl Ives snowman on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? I close my eyes and clearly picture the jolly man of white gliding along the landscape, singing in the that unmistakable voice while woodland creatures decorate with shiny bulbs and garland. Ahh...a childhood favorite that remains into adulthood...(snap out of the sighing...
September 15, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
My husband was an Air Force kid so he moved a lot as a child. He has wonderful memories of each base and especially living overseas. But each move meant pulling up roots, deep and shallow. Leaving new friends that didn't have time to become old friends. Roots are important. They ground us to people and places, memories and traditions. Humans are lucky. We can pick up and go if our placement...
September 13, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Everyone should have at least one crazy tall, herbaceous, native perennial in their yard. Why? Because it's cool! Trees and other woody plants should not corner the market on height. There is something magical and "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"-like about wading under a canopy of stout stems topped with summer colors. Cup Plant, Ironweed, Joe-Pye and so many others are literally giants...
August 25, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
In kindergarten one of the rules is to be kind to others. A good rule for kindergarten and life. But, alas, no one likes everyone. It's no different in the seed room at OPN. There are seeds I can do without not because they aren't worthy of plant-dom but because they are arduous. They do NOT follow another kindergarten rule: play well with others. Enter Broom Sedge.
Our Woodland Edge...
August 21, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Ever have that co-worker that always smells so good? I knew a girl in college who had a signature perfume. Not over powering, just pleasant, the scent was as nice as she was. Or that aftershave glaze on the telephone following an answered call by a male peer. Again, pleasant and defining. I admit...I'm a smeller. You can tell a lot about your surroundings by scent. After all, humans...
August 7, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
I enjoy a good storm. Listening, smelling, watching...rain pours, thunder rolls, nature washed. The rains last week were no exception to my penchant for precipitation. The palette of grays juxtaposed with breaks of blue were particularly beautiful. Twice, as I was driving between downpours, I caught a glimpse of a rainbow backed by darkness while the hope of sun was in front of me....
August 1, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
We all have favorite things. (I know you're singing the song from Sound of Music in your head right now.) Favorite Starbucks order: tall latte with skim and one shot of vanilla. Favorite pair of jeans: for skinny and not-so-skinny days, right ladies? Favorite song, favorite movie, favorite child (or at least my kids think that's true.) As plant people, no doubt you have your favorite...
July 28, 2017
We're thrilled to welcome guest blogger Liz Tilton to our Prairie On Blog! Liz is the Queen Bee of her own TwoHoneys Bee Co, a full-service, treatment-free honeybee operation located wherever the bees fly in Cincinnati, Ohio. She manages approximately 60 beehives and spends a good deal of time collecting bees from unwanted places and re-hiving them where they're more welcomed. Each summer, she hopes...
July 24, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
My Common Milkweed is anchored right below my kitchen window. I absolutely love it when the flower perfume saunters in the window, catching me off guard as I sit reading e-mail or paying bills, doing all those not fun things in life. The scent fills every part of me. A sure reminder of something much more lasting and beautiful.
Exiting my yard gate to walk my labs, past that kitchen...
July 21, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
When I'm presented an order to fill, a list of genus and species meets my eyes. Some blends offered by Ohio Prairie Nursery are "standards" developed and designed by our Prairie Guys. Whenever the Woodland Edge Native Seed Mix comes across my table, I know I'll be dipping into a shiny, black mass of Wild Red Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) seeds.
These tiny, dark as a moonless night...
July 17, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
My "office" is on the unusual side. Yes, it has a computer, printer, a desk of sorts, pencil & pens organizer, but my coworkers like the room cold (55 degrees) all the time and don't speak to me all day. Sound hostile? Not at all!
The "seed room" at Ohio Prairie Nursery is my place to hang. As orders come in, I fill them by visiting a myriad of bins loaded with seeds of all shapes,...
July 14, 2017
By: Sandy Kehres - President
As I was walking through my yard the other evening, I saw our coral bells plant. It reminded me of Bob's Aunt Grace. She was the adult that spurred Bob's interest in native plants. I associate pansies with my paternal grandmother and petunias with my maternal grandfather. My mom loves many different flowers, but I think of her whenever I see a hydrangea bush.
All the...
July 11, 2017
By: Barb Holtz
Been on vacation yet this summer? I just returned from time in a West Virginia holler to sand between my toes in Grand Cayman. Both very different, both very wonderful!
Because I'm a plant nerd, I plant watch when out-of-town. I spy side-of-the-road plants, yard plants, natural area plants, sidewalk crack plants, as well as what critters may visit said plants. My family is well aware...