Scary Seeds!

October 31, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

In the spooky spirit of Halloween, here lies scary seeds to haunt your soil and bring ghoulish delight to your graveyard, I mean landscape.

Devil's Beggarticks and Blanket Flower

Devil heads and broom switches evolve into yellow blooms, less frightening than their seedy counterpart.

Broom Sedge

Scarecrow stuffing entwined in witches hair isn't easy to tear apart after an eerie tussle. Luckily, no seed separation necessary. Just sow the fluffy mess as is.

Blue Mist Flower

No one wants this heap of tiny, spindly spiders invading backyard nooks and crannies. Good thing these seeds are no such thing! Find this species in our Wet Wildflowers Seed Packet!

Wild Red Columbine

Shiny bat wing skin glows in the Halloween moonlight, awaiting early spring sun to transform into new life. (BTW, this is my favorite seed!) You can find this in our Mesic Woodland Edge Native Seed Mix and our Woodland Wildflowers Seed Packet.

Happy Halloween!