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These native seed mixes are lower cost alternatives to our popular Native Short Grass Meadow and Native Tall Grass Meadow, but contain  higher grass ratios. Also in this category, Quick Growing Wildflowers Mix with bulk pound pricing.

If you have a request for a product not listed, the Prairie Guys can customize a mix tailored to your needs. Give us a call at 866-569-3380.

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Quick Growing Wildflowers Mix
Attract pollinators quickly or add some color to your landscape. This mix is a great "starter blend" if you are new to wildflowers. Will bloom in the same growing season if planted in late spring.
Econo Native Tall Meadow
Looking for native tall grasses and wildflowers, but want to maximize your dollar? This mix is great for areas that don't need to be mowed, but can benefit pollinators.
Econo Native Short Meadow
On a budget and still want to plant native? This mix has a higher grass ratio, but still provides color and a foraging place for pollinators with native wildflowers.