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Native grasses are the foundation of any prairie planting, and in some cases, may be the only species desired. In those situations, we have designed both native short and native tall grass mixes. These can be used in areas that do not need to be mowed, or work for stabilization and erosion control.

If you have a request for a product not listed, the Prairie Guys can customize a mix tailored to your needs. Give us a call at 866-569-3380.

Prairie On!

Mesic Short Grass
Composed of Ohio native short grasses, this mix is well suited for lawn replacement or edge treatments. Looks awesome in drifts or as accents. Provides habitat and cover to ecosystem partners.
Mesic Tall Grass
A native tall grass species that starts at around 4 feet and goes up from there. A beautiful sight on a still day made more magnificent when gentle breezes blow. These grasses produce seed heads late summer into fall and with an incredible array of leaf and stem colors, bring breathtaking beauty.