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Don't want to mow your grass this Spring and Summer? No worries with our Low Maintenance Lawn Mixes. Enjoy not only your free time but economic savings in the form of reduced fuel, fertilizer and water system costs.

It doesn't get any more "green" than reduced hydrocarbon emissions and chemical usage.

Sit back and watch your neighbors mow their lawn instead of you. Better yet, start a conversion on the benefits of your yard and maybe convert a friend!

There are two optimal seeding windows with our Freedom Lawn Mixes. In the late spring when daytime temperatures are getting warmer and nights are still cool. This is typically between late April and early June. In the late summer, cooler days and nights will help the grasses to establish. This is typically late August through September. 

Please note: these mixes may require mowing the first season to keep the Annual Rye Grass from getting too tall.

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Prairie On!

Low Maintenance "Freedom Lawn I"
Mowing is Optional!
A mix of fine fescue species that develop to form a bunch grass lawn. These species require no additional watering or fertilizers to maintain themselves.
Low Maintenance "Freedom Lawn II"
Mowing is Optional!
This mix contains fine fescue species bunch grass and rhizomatous species that fill in between the bunches. This combination allows for a more traditional look when mowed. These species require little additional watering or fertilizers.