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Ohio Pollinator Oasis Native Seed Mix
Ohio Pollinator Oasis Seed Packet

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Beekeepers and Gardeners, you can make a difference in your environment. How? Turn your property from a food desert into a food oasis for pollinators. You will also attract a wide variety of birds and butterflies into your garden. Ohio State Beekeepers Association is partnering with Ohio Prairie Nursery to help you make an easy choice. This blend is appropriate for urban/suburban gardens by providing colorful native perennial blooms for pollinator nourishment from Spring through Fall.

Contains the following species:


Chamaecrista fasciculata - Partridge Pea

Heliopsis helianthoides - Ox Eye Sunflower

Echinacea purpurea - Purple Coneflower

Gaillardia pulchella - Indian Blanket

Coreopsis lanceolata - Lanceleaf Coreopsis

Asclepias tuberosa - Butterfly Milkweed

Astragalus canadensis - Canadian Milk Vetch

Dalea purpurea - Purple Prairie Clover

Desmanthus illinoesis - Illinois Bundleflower

Monarda citriodora - Lemon Mint

Asclepias syriaca - Common Milkweed

Aster umbellatus - Flat-topped White Aster

White Aster Species - White Aster Species

Monarda fistulosa - Wild Bergamot

Rudbeckia hirta - Black-eyed Susan

Vernonia altissima - Tall Ironweed

Solidago speciosa - Showy Goldenrod

Eryngium yuccifolium - Rattlesnake Master

Aster pilosus - Frost Aster

Asclepias incarnata - Swamp Milkweed

Dalea candida - White Prairie Clover

Solidago graminfolia (Euthamia graminfolia) - Grass Leaved Goldenrod

Solidago nemoralis - Dwarf Goldenrod

Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders

Aster novae-angliae - New England Aster

Solidago rigida - Stiff Goldenrod

Ratibida pinnata - Yellow / Grey-Headed Coneflower

The native perennials in your mix do require some patience to establish, but for instant gratification consider adding any of these quick establishing annuals. They're perfect pollinator plants, too!

Lemon Mint

Indian Blanket

Partridge Pea

Seed Packet contains 1 PLS (Pure Live Seed) oz. of seed which is enough to cover 250 square feet.

Detailed instructions on planting your seed packet are provided with your purchase.

This mix of native wildflowers typically grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet. Please note that each site is unique and that several factors can affect overall height. These factors include sunlight, hydrology and overall soil health.



Flower Color: Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, White

Height: 3 to 5 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Soil Hydrology: Dry to Mesic Soils

Bloom Time: Spring through Fall

Plant Type: Annuals/Perennials

Attracts: Bees, Butterflies, Pollinators