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Chamaecrista fasciculata - Partridge Pea
Awesome bee and pollinator plant. Easy to establish annual that reproduces well in most Midwestern prairie ecosystems.
Verbena hastata - Blue Vervain
Tiny purple flowers adorn a long spike on this attractive and useful moist area plant. Blooming from the bottom to the top a few at a time give an extended bloom period of up to 2 months. Attracts cool tiny bees and other pollinators.
Asclepias tuberosa - Butterfly Milkweed
Butterfly Milkweed is a plant of dry, well drained soils. Does well in the home garden and adds diversity in prairie plantings. Attracts monarch butterflies who lay eggs on the leaves which are consumed by caterpillars.
Eryngium yuccifolium - Rattlesnake Master
Unique Plant!
A true individual in the prairie plant world, Rattlesnake Master stands alone in its unique beauty. Small white flowers join together to make up the round flower head which attracts summer Azure butterflies and other pollinators. Hummingbirds often stop by for a look too.
Lupinus perennis - Perennial Lupine
Perennial Lupine is the host to the Karner Blue Butterfly. This plant stands tall and is a must in any native landscape!
Silene regia - Royal Catchfly
Plant Royal Catchfly and wait....Did you see it? Keep watching, hummingbirds will keep coming back to these bright red blooms again and again.

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Whether this is new to you or you are already using native seed, you are making a positive difference and an important contribution to the future. By using native grasses and native seeds in your landscape, you are helping to increase diversity and provide valuable habitat for other species of living things. Native insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds evolved alongside the native plants that support them.

The landscapes we create take resources to maintain. By using native material you are reducing the need for watering, pesticides and fertilizers. The deep root systems of most native species increase the ability of the soil to absorb water and help stabilize a stormwater network that is over capacity. You are also reducing erosion which helps keep our rivers and lakes clean!

Native plants help create a sense of place. By using the species that naturally belong in your yard or neighborhood you are keeping a connection to the botanical history of your area alive.

On behalf of the thousands of native insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds that don't have a voice...THANK YOU AND PRAIRIE ON!