It's time to "FUEL" Up for Fall! Introducing our new Fall Pollinator Fuel Mix and Seed Packet. These mixes provide much needed pollen and nectar for Monarchs getting ready for migration and various species of bees getting ready for Winter. Add these mixes to your landscape or add any of these species of Asters and Goldenrods. 

Prairie On All Season Long!

Aster azureus - Sky Blue Aster
A hardy native perennial that offers up beautiful blue flowers in the fall. It is an autumn nectar source for fall pollinators and honey bees.
Solidago ohioensis - Ohio Goldenrod
NEW FOR 2015! Out of all the Goldenrod species, this is one of the largest. It's pretty blooms open up for late season pollinators.
Aster novae-angliae - New England Aster
If you are lucky enough to have this species in your landscape, you know the beautiful purple haze of flowers it produces in the fall. Like other aster species, it is very important to fall pollinators
Fall Pollinator Fuel Native Seed Mix
Prairie On All Season Long! This mix is chock full of native wildflowers that bloom late summer to early fall and provide pollen and nectar to our pollinator friends getting ready for migration and the winter!
Fall Pollinator Fuel Seed Packet
Is your native wildflower area lacking late season blooms? Fuel your prairie with our Fall Pollinator Mix!
Solidago rigida - Stiff Goldenrod
The wide leaves on this goldenrod species make it easy to distinguish from most other goldenrods. Partial to dryer,coarse soil prairies, it will do well in most mesic plantings.

"You Plant, We Plant for 2015"

Ohio Prairie Nursery applauds your efforts to help the plight of the Monarch Butterfly and we are committed to doing the same. In 2015, we are introducing our "You Plant, We Plant" Campaign. Ohio Prairie Nursery will match the total weight of all milkweed sold in 2015 and plant habitat for the Monarch Butterfly. For example, for every ounce of milkweed you purchase from Ohio Prairie Nursery, we'll plant an ounce of milkweed for habitat. Let's join together to show our Monarch friends we care and we want them here for many generations.

Thank you for visiting Ohio Prairie Nursery's website. We're glad you're here.

Whether this is new to you or you are already using native seed, you are making a positive difference and an important contribution to the future. By using native grasses and native seeds in your landscape, you are helping to increase diversity and provide valuable habitat for other species of living things. Native insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds evolved alongside the native plants that support them.

The landscapes we create take resources to maintain. By using native material you are reducing the need for watering, pesticides and fertilizers. The deep root systems of most native species increase the ability of the soil to absorb water and help stabilize a stormwater network that is over capacity. You are also reducing erosion which helps keep our rivers and lakes clean!

Native plants help create a sense of place. By using the species that naturally belong in your yard or neighborhood you are keeping a connection to the botanical history of your area alive.

On behalf of the thousands of native insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds that don't have a voice...THANK YOU AND PRAIRIE ON!

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